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At Cold Creek Homes, Inc., we have the ability to work development projects of various magnitudes. Our extensive experience allows us to develop anywhere from one lot to communities of thirty plus homes.

From the beginning, Cold Creek Homes Inc. is staffed with a real estate acquisition team that is in charge of identifying any and all possible development projects. The land acquisition process is rigorous and one of the most important aspects of our success. It is well-negotiated deals in this phase that identify potential profit and pass any savings to future buyers henceforth creating successful projects.

The ability to control land acquisition, submittals, expedited construction, and sales, gives Cold Creek Homes the access to real-time data and an edge on the local competition.

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Upon acquisitions, Cold Creek Homes Inc. works with the most renown and experienced subcontractors in surveying, civil engineering, and architecture to bring the development vision to a construction phase. Our experience of working with various municipalities in the NW is extremely valuable to completing successful projects.

Any and all contractors employed by Cold Creek Homes Inc. must complete a rigorous certification process prior to starting any work. Insurance, license, and bonds are all verified and filed with our contractor management department. Safety is of the upmost importance. To ensure that the safest practices are employed among all employees, weekly safety meetings are held to address any issues and safety concerns.

Our site supervisors and construction managers are held to a high standard and expected to uphold all employees to a high safety standard and work ethic. Cold Creek Homes Inc. has zero tolerance for unsafe work practices and inefficient work ethic. Our managers direct a macro management system that focuses on constraints, rules, and information architecture. The company focuses on these entities so that the system spontaneously moves to the defined aim achieving new potentials tuned by the macromanager.

The high level of experience and professionalism allows projects to flow smoothly. This highly tuned system of management and construction allows Cold Creek Homes Inc. to complete residential new construction units at an unrivaled pace and quality.

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