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Cold Creek Homes Inc. offers preliminary pricing throughout the design phase and fixed prices prior to the start of construction. If we are invited to participate prior to home site selection, we can provide a building cost analysis that will help avoid surprises later. Cold Creek Homes Inc. brings over 11 years of combined home building experience to the custom home building process. The extensive experience that we have a custom home builders and developers has made us more resilient with time. Our real strength resides in the knowledge, expertise, and loyalty of our dedicated team of professionals. The efficiency in execution that our team has remains one of our greatest strengths.

Construction workers on work site


Cold Creek Homes Inc. works with only the most experienced and reliable subcontractors in the NW. Communication is our strong suit. Throughout construction, information is exchanged via email, digital photos, personal calls, and visits, or at one or more of the social functions that we attend with our homeowners.

Our custom homes and developments are built with the modern day homeowners needs in mind. All aspects of today’s design inclination, functionality needs, and market limitations are considered during plat and home planning. With Cold Creek Homes, the line of communication is always open to ensure that all parties coordinate well in realizing the project needs. 

Business Handshake


Cold Creek Homes Inc. uses a team philosophy to create an educational and entertaining custom home buying experience. Each customer has a direct link to our purchasing agent for product research and pricing. Experienced construction managers monitor the field work and watch for ways to make each home better during the process.

We believe in building lifelong relationships with the people who have entrusted their dream homes to our expertise. Our unremitting commitment to ultimate customer care has not only earned us a sterling name in the home building industry, but it has also generated a remarkably high level of customer satisfaction. 

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